PatzCare Oral Spray -Chicken 口腔護理噴霧 - 雞肉味 65ml

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PatzCare Oral Care

PatzCare Oral Care 解決7大口腔問題:
1 消炎牙齦
2 去牙石
3 除牙垢
4 消除口氣
5 不損牙齒牙肉
6 不含副作用
7 不受麻醉風險

1 星期 - 即時消炎牙齦紅腫出血
3 星期 - 剔除多年牙石牙垢

PatzCare Oral Care
~For cats and dogs of all ages. Made in the USA

Revolutionary Grapefruit seed extract x Green tea extact
Contains proanthocyanidin which acts as a super antioxidant agent.

~Made from natural Grapefruit Seed, Thyme, Rosemary,
Neem and Pepperint.

*Solve 7 oral problems with ONE Bottle
1. Soothe gum infection (gingivitis)
2. Remove plaque
3. Get rid of tartar
4. Eliminate mouth odors
5. Kind to teeth and gums
6. No side effects
7. No anesthetic risk
*No chemicals or additives*